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8 best murals in Santa Monica

Did you know that Santa Monica is home to more than 150 street art murals? Across 8.3 square miles, you’ll find them around every corner. To get you started, here are some of the highlights to guide your walking tour.

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1. Eye of the Tiger on Pico Boulevard

Painted by Chris Saunders, this ornate brown and black mural is sure to impress thanks to its scale and detail. The tiger pops off the wall and welcomes you to take a photo. Use this mural as an excuse to explore Pico Boulevard, which ends at the beach and gives you access to the Saturday farmers market at Virginia Avenue Park. 

Need directions? Here’s the address: 2202 Pico Boulevard

eye of the tiger mural

2. Duck Dive on Third Street Promenade

Duck Dive by Bumblebeelovesyou shares the whimsy of an underwater world with a small child diving under the waves. You can find this work (and many others) in Downtown Santa Monica near Third Street Promenade—meaning you can work up an appetite on a mural walking tour and then enjoy the highest concentration of shops and restaurants. 

Need directions? Here’s the address: 10-West Exit at 4th Street

duck dive mural

3. Love Wins on Main Street

Gino Burman-Loffredo captures the magic of a Santa Monica sunset in conjunction with a message of optimism and hope on this larger than life mural. Stroll down Main Street and enjoy the laid-back surfer energy. You won’t be able to miss this stunning piece. 

Need directions? Here’s the address: 2209 Main Street

love wins mural

4. Mural by David “Meggs” Hooke in Mid-City

Mid-City boasts arts and entertainment galore including many on-stage shows and art galleries. But, of course, that art leaks onto the streets. This mural is an abstract expression of movement that  represents the flow of creative freedom and ideas, and was created to inspire positive feelings for anyone that passes through it. 

Need directions? Head to 929 Colorado Avenue

david meggs hooke mural

5. Love Wall on Montana Avenue

Looking for a photo op? The Love Wall’s multi-colored hearts make for a fantastic backdrop. Located in the Montana Avenue neighborhood, you’ll find the Love Wall surrounded by high-end and local shopping with more than 150 boutique shops and restaurants lining the 10-block area.

Need directions? Here’s the address: 1601 Montana Avenue

love wall mural
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6. Unbridled on Ocean Avenue

Unbridled by Daniel Alonzo shares a mystical image of what would happen if the Santa Monica Pier’s famous carousel horses came to life. Showcasing the horses running majestically along Santa Monica Beach, this mural perfectly blends Santa Monica’s star-studded history and sweeping backdrop with the city’s natural vibe of adventure and transcendence. The Ocean Park Boulevard/Santa Monica Airport Area neighborhood is home to a crop of talked-about restaurants, and “Where did you get that?!” boutiques and shops, making it well-worth exploring.

Need directions? Here’s the address: 181 Ocean Park Boulevard

Picture taken across street from long wall leading to underpass with mural of horses running freely along beach painted

7. Mural by David Legaspi near Heal the Bay Aquarium

Completed in honor of Earth Day in 2007, this mural brings the magic of the ocean onto the streets of Santa Monica. The mural was a community effort thanks to locals and visitors that picked up a paintbrush to work alongside David Legaspi. You can find this one right outside Heal the Bay Aquarium on Santa Monica Pier, putting you right in the heart of the action.

Need directions? Here’s the address: 1600 Ocean Front Walk

david legaspi mural

8. Dogtown on Wilshire

The Dogtown mural celebrates Santa Monica’s history as the birthplace of modern skate culture. Painted by two local Santa Monica artists, it encompasses the freedom and fun of the beach town in the heart of the Wilshire Boulevard neighborhood. Wilshire Boulevard actually begins at Ocean Avenue and runs all the way into Downtown Los Angeles.

Need directions? Here’s the address: 1011 Wilshire Boulevard

dogtown mural

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