Street Murals: Pico Boulevard

Posted June 13, 2023

Santa Monica is an arts and culture hub, home to 170+ street art murals all within its 8.3 square miles and eight neighborhoods. The Pico Boulevard neighborhood ends at the beach and links Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica College, and Virginia Avenue Park, where a beloved farmers market takes place each Saturday.

To see the murals that are in the Pico Boulevard neighborhood, scroll down or view the Google map of locations.

Wall of multi-colored bricks

SASKIA by Joe Nicoletti
Animal Kingdom, 302 Pico Blvd

Mural by Danny Darkoski, 2019
Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica, 530 Pico Blvd

Our Actions Today, Our Future Tomorrow, Janice Chang
Santa Monica High School, 4th Street and Pico Blvd

Mural of Tyler Skaggs

Tyler Skaggs by Jonas Never, 2019
Boba Lab, 711 Pico Blvd
This mural is a tribute to Tyler Skaggs, Los Angeles Angels pitcher, who passed away in July 2019. Skaggs had attended and played baseball at nearby Santa Monica High School.

Mural of butterflies

Boba Lab, 711 Pico Blvd

Mural of Sesame Street characters in an Impala

Sesame Street by Jules Muck
Pico Blvd at 7th Court (Alley)

Adrian’s Place, 1806 Lincoln Blvd

Mural by Heidi Neilson
Into Me Sea, 1824 Lincoln Blvd

Grafitti mural

Unilight Wholesale Electric, 1824 Lincoln Blvd

Mural of person meditating

Mural by Marioe
Kathmandu Boutique, 1844 Lincoln Blvd

Mural of various famous rock musicians

Mural by Blake Byers, 2019
Trip Santa Monica, 2101 Lincoln Blvd

Trip Santa Monica, 2101 Lincoln Blvd

Mural by Kyle Holbrook
Trip Santa Monica, 2101 Lincoln Blvd

Walgreens, 1911 Lincoln Blvd

Mural by Paul Dilworth & Lynn Segerblom
West Coast Classics, 1918 Lincoln Blvd
With, West Coast Classics on Lincoln Blvd, I just asked if they would like a mural and they were very keen on the idea. I already had the James Bond idea and suggested it to the owners. Much to my surprise they already had a photo of that same Aston Martin in their office. The general theme was to combine West coast classic cars with classic movie Westerns and I did some paintings of John Wayne, Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood in their famous Western roles. It was a fun project! – Paul Dilworth

Mural by Alex Cerutti
Piccolo, 2127 Lincoln Blvd

Pastel colored mural

Lucky Liquor, 2125 Lincoln Blvd

Abstract mural of woman's face

Sharon of Eden by Tristan Eaton & Hauser
Bill’s Liquor, 2202 Lincoln Blvd

Mural of birds

Mural by Amelia Drake Fine Art & Magjik
Bill Dunn Auto Upholstery, 2212 Lincoln Blvd

Sunrise mural

Mural by Naira Hart
Satdha Thai Kitchen, 2218 Lincoln Blvd

Mural of geometric pattern

Mural by Meex One
Printing Palace, 2300 Lincoln Blvd
The inspiration comes from the idea of non conformity and pattern. Breaking through the monotonous with creativity. – Meex

Mural of "I Dream of Jeannie"

I Dream of Equal Rights by Jules Muck, 2018
2408 Lincoln Blvd

Mural of birds

The Falcon by Marcel “SEL” Blanco, 2016
Precision Sound & Service, 823 Pico Blvd

Mural of woman

Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte by Christina Angelina
Ed’s Liquor, 825 Pico Blvd

Reflect and Inspire by Marcel “SEL” Blanco, 2017
CLARE Foundation, 901 & 1002 Pico Blvd

Both murals were organized by Beautify Earth and commissioned by the Clare Foundation, a facility that helps people with drug addiction to get back on their feet. I wanted to create something that would stimulate positive thought for both the people visiting the center and the surrounding community. Each piece presents a person in thought. What are they thinking? What have they been through? The birds are flying free to represent the possibility of where their future is headed. Like a bird, they, too, are free to head in any direction – the choice is theirs. – SEL

Residential, 1024 Pico Blvd

Mural by Clinton Bopp
Advantage Real Estate, 1021 Pico Blvd

Live Through Love, Ruben Rojas
Offices, 1804 14th Street

John Adams Middle School, 2320 17th St

Mural by Ruben Rojas
Offices, 1358 Michigan Ave

Santa Monica Pier mural

Mural by David Castro
Rocco’s Cheesecake, 1701 Pico Blvd

Mural by David Castro
Hungry Pocket Falafel House, 1715 Pico Blvd

Mural of two people embracing each other

Be everywoman LA by Davia King, 2018
Subway, 1801 Pico Blvd
This poem I wrote summarizes [this mural] perfectly: To evolve as the \ Human Species \ Forgive and heal \ Through empathy… \ And then compassion \ Because there is no truth except in action. – Davia King

Mural of dragons

Elastic Dragon by DJ NEFF
Subway, 1801 Pico Blvd

Abstract mural of people

Mural by Adrian Kay Wong
Pizza, 1811 Pico Blvd (South Wall; Front Facade)

Prime Pizza, 1811 Pico Blvd

Mural by Garrett Wasserman
EddiE’s Liquor, 2045 20th Street

Mural of pastel colored apartments

A Place Called Home by Clinton Bopp, 2019
Residential, 2019 Pico Blvd

Abstract mural of person standing

Mural by Ugo Nonis, 2016
Threshold Sound + Vision, 2114 Pico Blvd
This mural is about being surrounded by love but not being about to be in love. It’s about a moment we all face in life at the end of a relationship. Why do we become so dim is such a vibrant world. – Ugo Nonis

Mural by Andrew Hem
Threshold Sound and Vision, 2114 Pico Blvd

Mural of side profile of woman's face

Create by Marcel “SEL” Blanco & Ruben Rojas, 2016
Threshold Sound + Vision, 2114 Pico Blvd
This was a collaboration between Ruben Rojas and me that was commissioned by to display one of their core values “Create”. We wanted to exhibit the endless possibilities of creativity. The mind is a vast galaxy, but can be playful and childlike with no limits. – SEL

Mural of multiple people

Our Pico Neighborhood by East Los Streetscapers
Virginia Ave Park, 2200 Virginia Ave

Mural by Jesse Spears & Shrine, 2018
Residential, 2401 Virginia Ave

Mural of different hairstyles

Mural by Roy the Rat, 2018
Sunset Plaza Liquor and Jr Market, 2602 Pico Blvd
It is a work that symbolizes a lot, at first glance it can be just another mural, but here is reflected all the work for which I have gone through these last months, a work of finding myself, a work to find something that identifies what I live in my present, the way I have lived these last couple of months, a work that I feel happy to put out there, an evolution that maybe some like it and others hate, but all is part of this hard and pleasant life experience. – @roytherat Instagram

Mural by Steve Martinez, 2021
Morgan-Wixson Theater, 2627 Pico Blvd

Flower mural

Mandala by Cloe Hakakian, 2016
Framed, 2821 Pico Blvd

Mural of hand-signs spelling out "love"

Love by Allison Kunath, 2016
The Brixton, 2827 Pico Blvd
All of my work is inspired by beauty that occurs between people, and sharing the experience of love is one of the most important parts of being human. The hands that spell out the word “love” are intended to draw a direct reference to the fact that love is something that is built (as if by hand) intentionally and carefully. – Allison Kunath

Mural by Sei Shimura
Morgan West, 3003 Pico Blvd

Mural of horses

Mural by Luca Zamoc
Ameritech Signs, 3015 Pico Blvd
The Pico mural by Luca Zamoc was the first mural to go up during the “Pico Rennaisance” – as I like to call it. It’s special as it’s done by an Italian artist who worked with the community to represent the concept of “stronger together” – hence the horses pulling the rope together. – Evan Meyer

Mural by Amber Felts and Marcel “Sel” Blanco
Interdental, 3231 Pico Blvd

Mural of rays energy

Expanding Love by Uriel Bautista of Six Degrees LA
UnUrban Coffeehouse, 3301 Pico Blvd
Unurban Coffee House has one of the chillest vibes in Santa Monica. The owner, staff and regulars are filled with positive energy. They do open mic nights, it’s cozy and funky. This place’s atmosphere rejuvenates my hope in good people. The mission was to have the exterior match the spirit of the inside. So, I used their existing logo as a focal point and rays of energy radiating from it. With organic ribbons and leaves in visually-pleasing colors, the wall was filled with expanding love. It was an unforgettable experience. – Uriel Bautista

Pastel colored mural

Mural by Risk Rock
Blue Republic CrossFit, 3328 Pico Blvd
I am a color field artist. I try to evoke emotion with color. Painting in Santa Monica is always the best because the energy seems to translate at the highest level. #goodtimes – Risk Rock

Mural by Rashin Kheiriyeh
3325 Pico Blvd

The Minor Identity Crisis Mural by Gus Harper
Gateway to Pico Blvd Santa Monica, 3325 Pico Blvd
This mural is a celebratory image of our spiritual journey, and each color column represents different phases in our lives. The elephants migrating throughout the mural represent us on our journeys. The mural wraps around the corner of the wall and ends with a symbol of beauty, my rose mandala. This Mural was born out of a body of work which is concerned with overcoming fear and becoming the best versions of ourselves. I was born and raised in Santa Monica, so for me it was an honor to paint a large mural facing east that is the first thing you see as you cross into Santa Monica on Pico Boulevard. – Gus Harper

Mural by Sei Shimura
Gateway to Pico Blvd Santa Monica, 3325 Pico Blvd

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Pico Boulevard Mural Locations

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