Street Murals: Ocean Park Blvd/Santa Monica Airport Area

Posted December 20, 2018

Santa Monica is an arts and culture hub, home to 130+ street art murals all within its 8.3 square miles and eight neighborhoods. The Ocean Park Blvd/Santa Monica Airport Area neighborhood boasts an authentic local vibe, a crop of talked-about restaurants, and “Where did you get that?!” boutiques and shops.

To see the murals that are in the Ocean Park Blvd/Santa Monica Airport neighborhood, scroll down or view the Google map of locations.


Mural of whales
Whale of a Mural by Daniel Alonzo
Ocean Park Blvd at 3rd St (South Wall)

Mural of Looff Hippodrome on Santa Monica Pier
Unbridled by David Gordon
Ocean Park Blvd at 3rd St (North Wall)


Mural of forrest
Mural by Jane Golden
Olympic High School, 721 Ocean Park Blvd


Mural of humans standing with animals
Peaceable Kingdom by John Park
Health Land Body Spa & Massage, 3001 Ocean Park Blvd
“Peaceable Kingdom” was designed with cues that were given from the client. Initially, the request was just to paint a mural that depicted children and animals in a nonspecific way. The request immediately reminded me of the theme of a “Peaceable Kingdom,” which is in reference to Isaiah 11: 6-7 and is a subject that other artists have depicted throughout history. Adding this element of specific storytelling allowed me to develop the design in a more cohesive way. – John Park


Mural of shark and bumble bee
Mural by Louis Masai
Blick Art (West Side of Building), 2602 Lincoln Blvd


Abraham Lincoln mural
Mural by Trek Kelly
Baila Baila, 2640 Lincoln Blvd


Mural of monkey astronaut throwing paper plane
Mural by Jimmy Danko
Swenson Boxing, 2715 Lincoln Blvd


Tiger mural
Mural by Chris Saunders
34 North, 2723 Lincoln Blvd


Mural of tree landscape Mural of beach scene

Mural by Paul Dilworth & Lynn Segerblom
McDonald’s (Parking Lot), 2809 Lincoln Blvd
I just asked the manager at McDonald’s restaurant if he would like a mural and he was delighted with the idea. Previously, I had done some very large murals on Mandeville Canyon. Houses were built in front of massive retaining walls and I tried to make the walls disappear and merge into the landscape above. The McDonald’s restaurant had a similar retaining wall and I combined it with an ocean beach scene after taking my own photos on Venice Beach. – Paul Dilworth


Striped mural
Mural by Berto
RIZE, 2906 Lincoln Blvd


Grafitti mural
Mural by Shucks Skoler
D&L Plumbing, 2919 Lincoln Blvd


Mural written in Old English font
Pancho’s Tacos, 2920 Lincoln Blvd


Mural of beach bike trail
Lincoln Pier by Emily Miller
Gillian Bissett Colour Salon, 3000 Lincoln Blvd
The “Lincoln Pier” mural is inspired by the value of connections, for one local family and the entire community; our connection to the ocean and ocean life; our connection to diverse cultures; and the connection between the cities of Santa Monica and Venice. The project was commissioned in honor of the building’s owners, Frank and Cathie Gaudiano, who were residents of the area since the 1940s and 2nd generation immigrants from Italy and Ireland. Frank’s TV repair shop was located in the building for over 20 years. The ocean-themed mural features local fish including a leopard shark, bonito, and smelt as well as The Strand bike path. – Emily Miller


Mural of word cloud
Corner of Love by Ruben Rojas
3009 Lincoln Blvd


Mural of car being washed
Mural by Jules Muck
Magic Hand Car Wash, 3115 Lincoln Blvd


Mural of roses
Mural by Jules Muck
Residential, Margaret Ln at Marine St


Mural of war planes
Mural by Paul Dilworth & Lynn Segerblom
3300 Airport Ave
The Spitfire Grill at Santa Monica Airport was keen on a mural to time with the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, with spitfires and hurricanes. The most feasible design solution was to have the outside walls of the restaurant as clouds and having the spitfires emerging through breaks in the clouds. I painted a ‘scramble’ scene at an airstrip which could have been Biggin Hill in the UK or some similar airstrip, and spitfires flew off into the clouds. – Paul Dilworth


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Ocean Park Blvd/Santa Monica Airport Mural Locations

Now that you’ve see the artwork, check out the exact locations on the map below. Then, visit the murals in person and share your own photos on social media using #SeeSantaMonicaMurals.


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