Santa Monica Hotels for Every Budget

Santa Monica hotels range in price and budget depending on their location and amenities.

Santa Monica hotels that are closer to the beach or Santa Monica pier may be more expensive, whereas neighborhood locations may be more affordable depending on their proximity to the beach. Explore options from Santa Monica luxury hotels to more budget friendly options. 

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Is it Worth Staying in Santa Monica?

Santa Monica offers a better value than other areas of Los Angeles/Southern California because:

  • It offers beachfront and oceanfront access hotels
  • Hotels offer rooms and suites with pacific ocean views
  • It provides a centrally located base for your Greater Los Angeles visit
  • Most hotels offer a high-quality property and experience
  • The city is compact and walkable with a variety and quality of surrounding amenities such as restaurants and shopping

Luxury Santa Monica Hotels

Luxury hotels tend to be closer to the beach or Downtown Santa Monica and offer more amenities such as on-site restaurants and spa services.

Santa Monica Luxury Hotels

  • Have average daily rates (average price) over $300
  • Somewhat higher rates during the weekends and summer seasons
  • May have additional fees for parking, high-speed WiFi, and room service
  • Many offer free electric shuttles
  • Look for deals for hotel loyalty members and email subscribers during off-peak seasons (spring and fall)

Luxury hotels in Santa Monica include:

Boutique and Mid-Range Hotels

Boutique and mid-range hotels are typically smaller than luxury hotels and more likely to be a block further from the beach. These hotels are also typically located downtown Santa Monica near Third Street Promenade.

Santa Monica boutique and mid-range hotels:

  • Have average daily rates (average price) around $200 – $300+
  • Offer fewer amenities in exchange for a reduced nightly rate
  • Look for deals during off-peak seasons (spring and fall) with value packages during the summer season

Boutique and mid-range hotels in Santa Monica include:

Affordable Santa Monica Hotels

Affordable hotels in Santa Monica are usually further from the beach but offer lower rates for long-term visitors such as international tourists and large families.

plants outside affordable santa monica hotel

Affordable Hotels in Santa Monica:

  • Have average daily rates (average price) around $100 – $200
  • Many included amenities such as parking, WiFi, and breakfast
  • Several offer value adds
  • Look for deals and affordable packages throughout the year via the property website or email newsletter program

Affordable hotels in Santa Monica include:


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