Los Angeles Santa Monica

Meet our Staff

Executive Leadership Team

Misti Kerns, CMP CDME – President/Chief Executive Officer

Evan Edwards – Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Lozano – Chief People Officer

Business Development

Ozzie Otero – Director of Sales

Aleksandr Sigalus – Director of Global Business Development

Kristin Farrel – Global Sales & Services Manager

Tatum McGovern – Global Sales & Services Coordinator

Kylie Escobar – Global Sales & Services Assistant

Marketing, PR & Communications

Lauren Salisbury – Senior Director of Communications

Mandy Eck – Senior Director of Marketing

Cayla Turain – Marketing Manager, Trade & International

Emily Ohara – Public Relations Manager

Indigo Sargent – Social Media Manager

Michelle Cassidy – Communications Manager

Kim Mulder – Public Relations Coordinator

Sydney Sowder – Intern


Shannon Holt – Finance Manager

Alyssa Dorn – Client Services Manager

Jacky Saquic – Assistant Accounting Manager

Alexis Faust – Client Services Coordinator

Cassidy Lawless – Accounting Coordinator

Jenna Kirkeeng – Client Services Coordinator

Ellen Keegan – Executive Assistant

Maddie Ray – Executive Assistant 

Kalei Kerns – Administrative Assistant

Visitor Services

Aaron Seals – Senior Manager, Visitor Services

Luis Vazquez – Visitor Services Coordinator

Savannah Davison – Travel Specialist

Michelle Dimas – Travel Specialist

Nick Dorn – Travel Specialist

Vinnie Edwards – Travel Specialist

Matthew Nielsen – Travel Specialist

Sue Skaggs – Travel Specialist

Yarely Trejo – Travel Specialist

Juan Vazquez – Travel Specialist