Santa Monica Caring Community
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Santa Monica is a Caring Community

As a caring community, we are constantly striving to find ways in which to ensure a healthy, clean, safe Santa Monica and more memorable experiences for our residents and visitors.

Your Safety

Santa Monica Police and Fire Departments have made a concerted effort to keep Santa Monica a safe community and it shows. In fact, Santa Monica’s police mission is “to be recognized for our strong service orientation, and progressive development of all of our human resources…” While we tip our hats to our much beloved police and fire personnel, we encourage you to use common sense and good judgement when traveling to Santa Monica or any other city you may visit during your travels. Keep distractions, such as cell phone usage, to a minimum. Also, for those who choose to drive, make sure your valuables are in a secure location and out of sight when parking.

Human Dignity

As a proven leader in tackling this regional problem, Santa Monica advocates extensively for those less fortunate by providing more than 20 comprehensive programs under its “Continuum of Care.”

  • Services: Showers, Storage Lockers, Food, Washers, Medical, Shelters, Employment, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment, Women, Youth & Family Services and Veterans.
  • Homeless Liaison Program (HLP Team): A six-officer unit that uses traditional law enforcement and social service strategies to address homeless issues. This specially trained unit plays a key role in the City’s Action Plan by linking outreach and mental health services to mentally ill homeless individuals encountered by the police. If residents or tourists observe non-emergency situations involving homeless individuals such as camping or sleeping in doorways, they are encouraged to call the HLP Hotline (310) 458-8953 so the officers can take the first step in linking homeless individuals to available services and housing.
  • Downtown Santa Monica Inc. has set up a Text Support program where people can text "support" to (310) 494-7011 to donate to local homeless services. After texting, you will be sent a link to confirm donation details.
  • City of Santa Monica Frequently Asked Questions


green-business-logoIn 1994, Santa Monica adopted its own Sustainable City Plan to ensure that, "as a community, we can live well today without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same." Recognized as a global leader in sustainability, Santa Monica makes it easy to live green.

The Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program is an official certification program of the City of Santa Monica and is part of the California Green Business Network (CAGBN).

There are currently over 50 Certified Green Businesses in Santa Monica – make sure to look for the Green Certified Business logo in storefronts around the community.

Other Highlights:

  • The City of Santa Monica transformed 80% of its heavy-duty vehicle and equipment fleet to clean-air fuel technologies.
  • 15 electric-charging locations throughout the city and free metered parking for hybrid vehicles.
  • Metro Expo Line light rail connects Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, the San Fernando Valley, and more, offering another emissions-free transportation choice.
  • The entire Santa Monica Big Blue Bus fleet runs on renewable natural gas (RNG).
  • Santa Monica Pier is home to the Pacific Wheel, the world’s first solar-powered Ferris wheel.


It’s not just about creating greener buildings and cleaner emissions. Santa Monica has dedicated itself to creating a smoke-free environment. Governed by California State Law that prohibits smoking in all restaurants, bars, theaters, auditoriums, museums, beaches, parks, and public buildings, Santa Monica has enacted its own Santa Monica Clean Air initiative.

Smoking is prohibited in the following areas (includes Vapor):

  • Within 20 feet of entryways and windows of any buildings open to the public
  • In any outdoor dining areas
  • At any local beach, park, or Farmers’ Market
  • On the Santa Monica Pier
  • At the Third Street Promenade and public libraries, including grounds
  • At any bus stops, ATM lines or other service areas

(Header Photo Credit: Lauralee Asch, SMPD)

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