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Santa Monica Public Transportation

Cars traveling the famed Route 66 may have helped put Santa Monica on the map, but these days you don’t need your own four wheels to cruise around town. Here are six easy ways to go car-free on your next trip with public transportation in Santa Monica.

Safety First: When traveling around Santa Monica, remember to stay alert and focused on your surroundings, whether in a car, on a train, on a bike, on an electric scooter or on foot. Be sure to read our safety tips to help you navigate the city.

For more information on mobility opportunities throughout Santa Monica, visit the City of Santa Monica’s website. For more ways to get around Santa Monica, check out Santa Monica directions.


Santa Monica measures just 8.3 square miles and many destinations can be easily reached by a short walk. Many streets feature large, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Walking along the streets is often noted as the best way to experience the local neighborhoods.

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Explore Santa Monica’s Eight Distinct Neighborhoods with Public Transportation:

Travel Santa Monica Responsibly

Travel safely and sustainably to help maintain Santa Monica’s beauty while staying healthy with these tips.


With miles of bike lanes, it’s easy to navigate Santa Monica on two wheels. There are several places that offer bike rentals including Perry’s Café and Beach Rentals, Unlimited Biking, Helen’s Cycles, Santa Monica Bike Center and Bike Attack Electric. Visit our Bike Santa Monica page for more information.

Electric Scooters & Bikes

Renting a scooter or e-bike in Santa Monica is as easy as downloading an app to your phone, locating an e-scooter or e-bike with help from the app and scooting away! Visitors can find three scooter/bike app brands operating in Santa Monica: Spin, Veo and Helbiz.

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Metro E Line

The Metro E Line (323-466-3876) connects Santa Monica by light rail to Downtown Los Angeles in under 50 minutes, with three stations located in Santa Monica. Additionally, with the ability to connect to Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, South Bay, Long Beach and dozens of points in between, visitors can travel to and from Santa Monica easily.

Santa Monica Bus

The Big Blue Bus departs the LAX City Bus Center and features two bus lines to town: Route 3 or Rapid 3. Once in Santa Monica, the Big Blue Bus is also a very efficient way to get around, including rapid routes to get you to your destination faster. This is also a great option if you bus to Santa Monica from surrounding areas including greater Los Angeles and LAX. Click here for more information.

Free Circuit Shuttle

Pedestrians can also use an app to hail the Santa Monica Circuit, golf cart–style electric vehicles that offer a complimentary lift anywhere in their service area between Wilshire Boulevard and Marine Street, and from the ocean to Fifth Street. Carts operate from 11:30am to 9pm. Many local hotels also offer car service around town.


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