Santa Monica is an arts and culture hub, home to 130+ street art murals all within its 8.3 square miles and eight neighborhoods. The Main Street neighborhood bears the laid back side of Santa Monica, a side of the city that has been characterized by a local surf vibe for years.

To see the murals that are in the Main Street neighborhood, scroll down or view the Google map of locations.


1929 Main St
Oscillation by Chase
Star Liquor, 1929 Main St


2003 Main St-A 2003 Main St-B

Jay Adams Tribute by Dvate
Dogtown Coffee (Back of Building, on East Wall), 2003 Main St
Back in August 2014, I had a trip planned for LA (I’m based in Melbourne, Australia) and was looking at painting a large scale mural. My good friends, Dabs and Myla, put me in touch with Warren Brand from BrandedArts who curates large scale murals in LA. I grew up skateboarding – it’s what got me into public art. Jay Adams had recently passed away and I wanted to paint a dedication mural of him, preferably in Venice or Santa Monica (iconic areas for Jay and Skating in general). Warren organized the amazing location at the back of Dogtown Coffee; it could not have been better (it is the site of Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Productions, a landmark in surf/skate and Jay’s history). I also wanted to use an iconic image of Jay and was lucky enough to get permission from renowned photographer Glen E. Freedman to use his amazing image as reference. The painting went really smooth and the locals were awesome. Couldn’t have done it without all the amazing people involved. – Dvate


Love Wins by Gino Burman-Loffredo (“Gino Flo”)
2209 Main St


2215 Main St
3 Ohm by Daniel Sun
Yogaworks, 2215 Main St


2309 Main St
Mural by Carl Markham
2309 Main St


2321 Main St-A 2321 Main St-B

Mural by Tommii Lim
Belzberg Architects, 2321 Main St
This four-mural installation at Belzberg Architect’s headquarters are an abstract depiction of the beauty found in the simplicity of life. Using forced perspective techniques, the large-scale objects depicted are designed to visually stretch and change depending on the viewers position to the mural. This is my way of reminding people of the endless perspectives that can be found during time spent on moments in life instead of swiping through them. – Tommii Lim


JINYA Ramen, 2400 Main St


2522 Main St
You Are Beautiful by Spencer Mar Guilburt & Ruben Rojas
Surf Liquor, 2522 Main St


2525 Main St
Galleria DiMaio, 2525 Main St


2625 Main St
She Who Sees by Kristel Lerman
2625 Main St


2633 Main St
Mural by Karn Ashimyan
Bubble Beach Laundromat, 2633 Main St


2723 Main St
Mural by Kristel Lerman
Massage Garden, 2723 Main St


2807 Main St
Mural by Jonas Never
Ashland Hill, 2807 Main St


2817-Main-St-1 2817-Main-St-2

Cha Spa, 2817 Main St (North Wall, Facing Parking Lot)


2820 Main St
Boston Terrier by Marcel “SEL” Blanco
2820 Main St
This was a fun piece commissioned by the owner of [the now closed] Areal restaurant as a memorial to his dog. – SEL


2912 Main St
2912 Main St


A Sarlo by Hex & Keo
Residential, 2901 4th St


215-Bay-St 215-Bay-St-B

By the Bay, By the Way by Bob House
Residential (Alley), 215 Bay St


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Main Street Mural Locations

Now that you’ve see the artwork, check out the exact locations on the map below. Then, visit the murals in person and share your own photos on social media using #SeeSantaMonicaMurals.