Santa Monica Parking Information

Santa Monica is a very pedestrian-friendly destination and visitors are encouraged to go car-free, but if you find yourself in need of parking information, here are some tips for Santa Monica parking at the beach, downtown and for metered parking.

For a map of public parking in Santa Monica, take a look at the Official Santa Monica Visitors Map or visit the City of Santa Monica’s website for more information. Please remember to always keep your valuables out of sight. Take your valuables with you or place them in your trunk before you arrive at a location where people might be watching.

Santa Monica Beach Parking

Santa Monica Beach Parking is broken down by the following three Zones:

  • Southern Zone: Lot 4 South and Lot 5 South
  • Central Zone: Lot 1 North, Lot 3 North, Lot 1 South, Lot 2 South and Lot 3 South
  • Northern Zone: Lot 4 North through Lot 9 North

Real-time parking information and a downloadable app are available through the City. Many Santa Monica beach parking lots offer electric plug-in options and are:

  • Open from sunrise to sunset (except for Lot 1 North which is open from 6am to 2am and the upper Pier deck lot which is open 24 hours per day though exceptions may apply)
  • $7 to $18 per day to park in (price varies based on day and season; no in and out privileges)

Downtown Santa Monica Parking

There are several public parking lots and structures along 2nd Street and 4th Street within Downtown Santa Monica, which allow for easy access to Third Street Promenade and the Downtown Santa Monica neighborhood.

Downtown Santa Monica Parking Structures #1-8 and the Ken Edwards Center are:

  • Operated 24 hours daily
  • Free for the first 90 minutes and after that, the rates vary depending on day and duration of parking. See specific rates via the City of Santa Monica.

Street Meters

Santa Monica has on-street parking meters throughout the city, all of which accept payment via coins or credit card. On-street parking meters and pay machines at City lots are typically $2.50 per hour in the Downtown and Beach Meter Zones and $1.25 per hour in all other Citywide Meter Zones.

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