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Lavazza Sustainable Cafe

  • Starts:

    June 23, 2019, 6:00 am

  • Ends:

    7:00 PM



200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite A, Santa Monica, California 90401

WHO: Lavazza, Italian coffee brand and official coffee sponsor of Pier 360 Ocean Sports and Beach Festival, is building a fully sustainable café to give festival attendees a special taste test of their new ¡TIERRA! cold brew on June 22nd and 23rd

WHAT: Join Lavazza at the Sustainable Café on the Santa Monica Pier for two days of coffee, fun, and photo opportunities! Watch the paddleboard race and volleyball match with a refreshing cup of cold brew, then learn about the sustainability in each cup through an interactive experience. The new blend, ¡TIERRA! Colombia, is part of Lavazza’s ongoing sustainability project. It contains coffee from the Colombian Meta region, where Lavazza has helped over 100 farming families create sustainable working conditions, and is one of the first cold brews certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

WHEN: 6:00AM until 7:00PM on June 22nd and 23rd

WHERE: Santa Monica Pier, Pier 360 Ocean Sports and Beach Festival
Formerly known as the Paddle-board Race & Ocean Festival, Pier 360 continues the tradition of elite paddle-board races, ocean swim and Museum of Beach Life, infused with beach volleyball, surfing, skating, arts and now Lavazza coffee, creating a one of a kind festival experience for the whole family.