Muscle Beach

This historic, seaside workout venue built into the beach landscape has drawn locals and visitors since the 1930s: the muscular, the hopefuls, the elderly and the children.

Santa Monica Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach

Located just south of the Santa Monica Pier is the original location of Muscle Beach. Known as "The Birthplace of the Physical Fitness Boom of the Twentieth Century", Muscle Beach is a longtime landmark in the world of bodybuilding and the workout area dates back to the 1930's. The network of outdoor workout equipment is where celebrities such as Kirk Douglas and Mae West and famous fitness guru Jack LaLanne and other internationally known bodybuilders trained.

Fully restored and refurbished, Muscle Beach serves gymnasts, acrobats and youth with an extensive gymnastics training area. Other features include chinning bars at various heights, parallel bars, rings, a small jungle gym for children and a padded gymnastics area.


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