California Dream Trails

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California Dream Tours Hike

California Dream Trails isn’t your typical boring tour company; it’s a fusion of local-guided private tours and environmental heroism. After years of uncovering Southern California’s hidden gems, Breanna and Lovey created California Dream Trails to safeguard these local marvels while showcasing them to the world.

We offer sustainable, fully customizable tours that fit in everything you would want to see on your visit to California. So say goodbye to those crammed, impersonal tours where a cranky guide’s voice fades into the rattling of a clunky van. Instead enjoy a personalized experience with a private driver and a savvy local guide, all in a spacious luxury electric vehicle. No ecological mess, no cramped spaces—just the most coveted experiences and destinations without the chaos.

Join California Dream Trails on a quest to spread the joy of exploration far and wide. It’s not merely a guided tour; it’s the start of a beautiful journey. Secure your spot with California Dream Trails today and let the adventure unfold!

California Dream Tours Hike