Sanctuaire Shoppe

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2305 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Sanctuaire was dreamt up by duo Macy + Juliana while studying Interior Design abroad in Europe in 2013. What started as a “maybe someday” idea became a reality when our individual interior design businesses were interrupted by covid-19. As we began spending an increasing amount of time in our homes, we both felt an urge to not only improve our own surroundings but also help others adapt to their new “stay at home” lifestyle.

With this in mind, we’ve hand picked a selection of items that inspire a slower state of mind, will comfort you in your home, and encourage the human connection we are all in need of. Whether it’s a romantic dinner with your hunny, hosting a game night with friends, or having an afternoon bath meditation, we’ve got your back.

Sanctuaire, the french word for sanctuary, represents our European inspired twist on the laid back California lifestyle. Our dwellings should be calming, happy, and safe places to spend time. Create your Sanctuaire, no matter where.