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Bath and Body Works is your go-to place for self-care gifts that surprise and delight. From iconic home fragrances found in Bath and Body Works candles to the moisturizing skin care of Bath and Body Works lotion, we make picking out your perfect something special a sensational experience. Try a gourmand for something oh so sweet, a floral for something classically romantic, or check out The Men’s Shop for something more earthy. Once you find your signature scent, grab a Bath and Body Works perfume, lather it up with Bath and Body Works hand soap or plug it in so it’s always on with Bath and Body Works Wallflowers®.

What’s a store full of self-care gifts without a spa-worthy collection? Whether you’re looking for fragrances to get the vibe right or body care items to get your skin right, our wellness selection has what you want. Don’t worry if your at-home spa day suddenly becomes an at-home work day. Check out our laundry products that turn your chore into a load of self-care. And for those moments when you have to leave home, don’t forget to grab a PocketBac for some easy, clean fragrance fun on the go. They’re the most popular Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer for a reason.

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