Acme 5 Lifestyle

Acme 5 Lifestyle was created by production designer Anton Goss, in 2017, as a field of dreams, “build it and they will come” endeavor. Having designed television sets for Oprah Winfrey or music shows like “The Voice”, he used this opportunity to move out of the studio and into the tactile world of living environmental design. Acme 5 has grown to include a full set of lifestyle related products, ranging from custom leather couches, specimen aloe trees and beautifully finished handmade teak furniture, to fire pits carved from boulders… The brand is ever evolving and meandering through the stream of creativity and opportunity.
The symbol associated with the brand is based upon the ancient Sri Yantra diagram, some believe to be over 12,000 years old. Consisting of nine interlocking triangles that surround a central point, they represent the cosmos and the human body. Anton was originally drawn to this symbol due to its representation, over and over, in many cacti and succulents. Finding out later how profound and spiritually powerful the Sri Yantra truly is, further cemented his appreciation for this sacred geometry.