Tre Mani

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1620 Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Tre Mani is the bread child of Italian mastermind Chef Travis Passerotti and prodigal dough whisperer Jyan Isaac. Together they bring California magic to the revered Roman style flatbread sandwich.

Named for the three (tre) hands (mani) it takes to hold, these sandwiches are the size of a vintage Italian sports car steering wheel, and are about as much fun to handle.

As with all sandwiches, the bread is key. Jyan did countless iterations of the Schiacciata, (schiac‧cià‧ta) to get it just right for Tre Mani. The result is a heavenly focaccia-eqsue gloss finish with a chewy yet feather-like crumb interior. When sliced in half fresh out of the oven, it becomes the perfect vessel for Chef Passerotti’s American made, Italian-style deli proteins, seasonal preserves, and perennial California produce.

Please enjoy.