Frozen Fruit Company

Frozen Dessert you can feel good about eating. At Frozen Fruit Co, we make a completely new and revolutionary frozen treat made just from fruit and natural fruit sugars. This makes all of our desserts dairy free, vegan, gluten free, paleo and completely natural without ever compromising on the “YUM factor”. Designed and crafted by ex-London lawyers turn frozen dessert connoisseurs, Michael & Victoria Philippou, Frozen Fruit Co serves up unique fruit soft serves which will make your taste buds tingle and swoon in delight.

Not to be confused with Ice Cream, Sorbet or Frozen Yogurt, you will never find a plain flavor at Frozen Fruit Co. Made just using whole fruit and natural fruit sugars each flavor is unique and individual in that none use a common mixing base (such as water, dairy, soy or nut milks like almond or cashew milk). Instead, each flavor is crafted and relies on its combination of individual fruits and berries. So, super tart and soft Raspberry & Orange is made just from raspberries, oranges and then sweetened with apple, pear and peach.

Our signature, of course, is a chocolate flavor. Still dairy free, vegan and just made from fruit. Our coconut & cacao flavor is rich and full of dark chocolate deliciousness. Our best seller and the one people are constantly coming back for.

Frozen Fruit Company Main Image