Conceived by seasoned hospitality & entertainment innovator, Michael Greco, and Michelin-recognized chef, Chef Brendan Collins, Dono presents a modern, California-spin on Spanish tapas. And a cocktail list that will knock your flamenco dress off.

Dono (short for Donostia, or the Basque name for San Sebastian) was born of a particularly memorable adventure to Spain, in which Michael & Chef Brendan stumbled upon one of the most culturally-fascinating, artistically-inspiring, and lusciously-green municipalities in Europe.

The inspiration was undeniable, and as with any good story, it began to write itself. Between kismet coincidences, unforgettable dining, and the stitched-together anecdotes of the locals, the Dono story came to life. By the end of the trip, Michael & Chef Brendan were convinced. They were so moved by the experience, they felt utterly compelled to bring the magic of the Iberian Peninsula back to Los Angeles.

From the Short Rib Bomba, to the Piri Piri Chicken, to the Conservas, to the Croquetas, the Dono menu celebrates classic Spanish cuisine & culture with a little bit of California-love. We look forward to continuing to serve our community with a gathering space to share a memorable dining experience & cocktails made with care, in sunny Santa Monica. See you in garden!