Irish-Daily-MailLooking down over the historic Santa Monica pier, I can see the iconic ferris wheel to my left with the pristine beach stretching to Malibu in front of me and Venice behind me. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the setting couldn’t be more perfect. But rather than soaking up my picturesque surroundings, I’m completely terrified.

I’m standing on the tiny ledge about 30 feet from the ground, with one arm holding on to a skinny railing, the other holding on to a trapeze. Behind me is a tiny – yet surprisingly strong – woman who is holding on to my safety belt. She’s the only thing stopping me from plunging to the net below. And trust me, even though there’s a net, it offers little reassurance as she encourages me to lean out away from her. This is the hardest game of ‘Trust’ I’ve ever played.

Irish Daily Mail, August 2015

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