Surfing with Soul

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Saltwater Sessions
2600 Barnard Way
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Surfing with Soul

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Surfing with Soul combines the present moment practice of mindfulness with the invigorating challenge of surfing. Learning to surf for the first time naturally awakens feelings of frustrations and perceived limitations as you challenge yourself to learn something new. With practice, you will learn how to shift your perception from focusing on those frustrations and difficulties to an in-the-moment awareness of the ocean environment, sensations in your body, and the ever changing content of your mind. By practicing mindfulness while learning to surf it not only reduces your frustration and reactivity – it also helps your internal experience become something to cherish rather than escape.
Participants will learn water safety, surfing etiquette, paddling technique, positioning of the body on the board, pop up technique and proper footing. Participants should be competent swimmers but no previous surf experience is necessary – all are welcome! Surfboard, wetsuit, and surf instruction will be provided and are included in the cost.

Surfing with Soul
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