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Natural Dyeing: Overdyeing Patterns with Griffin Dyeworks

  • Starts:

    September 7, 2019, 3:00 pm

  • Ends:

    5:00 PM



Neighborhood: Santa Monica Pier Area / Ocean Avenue
1450 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Saturday 9/7, 3pm - 5pm
Cost: $30 + $15 additional cash material fee
To register, click on the link or cal 310-458-2239.

This class can be taken as a stand-alone, but is designed to build on the basics included in this morning's Intro class. We’ll talk about how procedure and chemistry can work for or against you in creating textiles with multi-color patterns, and complex colors created by applying one natural dye over another. Once I’ve shared these basics, the class is all about having fun and seeing what happens when you try this and that. I’ll share examples and inspiration, then let you experiment with creating your own colors and combinations. The possibilities are endless, and the tone of this class is light and playful. If any of this sounds interesting but intimidating, I strongly encourage you to come and treat this as an opportunity to play wth color. Materials fee includes a selection of natural dyes like indigo, orange orange, and others depending on availability, likely to include madder, logwood, and cochineal; a wide variety of resist materials and loads of fabric swatches for experimenting; and students may bring about 4 items to dye (depending upon the size: think of an adult tee shirt as median size). Items should be 70% or more natural fiber, including cotton, linen, bamboo, silk and thin wool, woven or knit fabric.

PLEASE DO NOT bring denim, canvas, cotton or wool fleece, yardage cuts over 1 yard, or other heavy fabric items like sweaters or hoodies; these items require a significant amount of extra dye and they hog the dye pot space. We’ll allow people to dye extra items as time and space allow!