Marina Day | Under the Dressing Table

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March 29, 2018, 5:00 pm to 8:00 PM
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18th Street Arts Center
1639 18th St, Santa Monica
Santa Monica, CA 90404

This event has expired. Please visit the Events Calendar for current listings.

18th Street Arts Center presents a solo retrospective exhibition featuring the work of LA-based artist Marina Day. Marina Day is a prolific artist in sculpture and mixed media collage with a body of work spanning over three decades. Day’s lifelong practice of art-making is reflected in a selection of works on paper and sculptures representing multiple bodies of work. Please join us for the opening reception and open studios for visiting artists in residence Hyein Lee (Korea), Paul Harryn (Pennsylvania), and Orly Ruaimi (San Francisco).
“For me art and life are inextricably entwined,” Day says of her work addressing themes of intimacy, loss, and social justice, and appropriating materials from the real world of objects that pass through her hands on a daily basis. She says of her practice, “As the process deepened it became my way of connecting conscious daily life with the numinous.” Day, who first exhibited her work publicly at the age of twelve, has maintained a studio at 18th Street Arts Center for nearly 20 years.
Artistic Director Anuradha Vikram says, “Marina Day’s artworks encapsulate a mid-century ethos that leaves nothing behind. Any material remnant, quotidian experience, or quiet personal storm is deserving of a gesture that acts at once as a journalistic record and as a flight of imagination.”