Full Moon Soundbath + Divination Tarot with Fábio Borges

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July 5, 2023, 7:00 pm to 9:00 PM
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1812 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, 90404
Full Moon Soundbath + Divination Tarot with Fábio Borges

Full moons are about changes, releasing what does not serve, and the endings of cycles. They clear the way for a new blank page.

In the first part of this workshop, Fábio will help you navigate the turbulent vibes of the full moon with the help of a very soothing and healing sound bath. We will ground, recalibrate, and release in a safe space. If there’s a part of your life you’re trying to release but have too many attachments, we will hold space for courage.

The Pink Full Moon is the first full of springtime so this is a time of full rebirth. This is also a time to charge your magical tools so bring whichever tools you need to recharge such as crystals, candles, and pendulums.

During the second half, we will work with divination using the tarot. Fábio will read everyone individually. Please, bring a question or a theme you would like to explore in the divination part of the ceremony.

Fábio has been an empath and intuitive since an early age. He comes from a long line of Italian and Brazilian healers. His spiritual awakening started fifteen years ago when he enrolled in a vigorous two-year clairvoyance and healing program at ClearSight. Most of those teachings he still uses in his meditation classes and his clairvoyant readings. Ever since, Fábio has picked the tarot, as he loves its symbols, history, and archetypes. Fábio is also a screenwriter; hence his meditations are folkloric and fantasy stories that blend healing tools.


Full Moon Soundbath + Divination Tarot with Fábio Borges