The Experiment – An Insane Rocky + Headwig Cabaret

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Creating Arts Studios
3110 Pennsylvania Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
The Experiment - An Insane Rocky + Headwig Cabaret

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Step into the twisted world of the Experiment, where Dr. Brad and Nurse Janet welcome you into their private asylum. Upon arrival the candy stripers will check you in and usher you to the day room, where you’ll shudder with….anticipation to meet the resident patients. Get up close and personal with them as they wind you through a tangled tale of sex, power and madness. Get lost in a time warp in the songs and dance of this sexy, eerie 360 degree, completely immersive insane cabaret. But don’t worry, all patients are under sedation and promise not even an inch of anger.
The Experiment ~ Asylum Rules:
• No touching the patients-Unless they ask.
• No admittance under 21, this show features adult content… You have been warned.
• Doors open at 7PM live music.
• Sedatives are for the patients only.
• Singing and dancing may be contagious.
Get Ready to Lose Your Mind…

The Experiment - An Insane Rocky + Headwig Cabaret