EXHIBITION: Martiros Adalian, “Composed Serenity”

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June 20, 2023, 10:00 am to 6:00 PM
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Lois Lambert Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, #E3
Santa Monica, CA 90404
EXHIBITION: Martiros Adalian,

May 20th – July 8th, 2023
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, May 20th at 6PM-9PM
Martiros Adalian is a mixed media artist. He uses acrylic, oil, and spray paint to create a multi-dimensional and multi-textual effect that adds a sense of motion and energy to his pieces. His work is heavily inspired by Baroque and Renaissance art, as well as his “beautiful family.” Adalian likes to “capture tension in his artworks, suck the air out of the painting and make the viewer feel intrigued by the work.” He wants the viewer to be an intimate observer of his work and feel like they too are being observed. Adalian doesn’t believe that art should be a comfort. He believes it should distress, bother, and illuminate those kinds of feelings.

EXHIBITION: Martiros Adalian,