Body Scan Meditation and Sun Prints with Natalja Kent

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Camera Obscura Art Lab
1450 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Body Scan Meditation and Sun Prints with Natalja Kent

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Cyanotype by Melissa Tran
Studio Resident Natalja Kent offers a guided meditation based on the tenets of Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), in which participants dive into their own sensations and develop a self-scan of their body. Following the meditation, the group is guided through making cyanotype prints while maintaining the meditative state.
After each workshop with Natalja Kent, she will be taking portraits and asking participants some questions about wellbeing and transformation. Let her know if you’d like to take part!
During her Camera Obscura studio residency August 7 – November 13, 2019, photographer Natalja Kent is continuing a project titled “Movement Artifact,” which tracks internal and external changes that occur as people engage with their bodies and with art. Utilizing embodied and creative practices, her residency project and public events are completely entwined, with participants engaging in sessions of movement and meditation followed by photography and other image making.

Body Scan Meditation and Sun Prints with Natalja Kent
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