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The Santa Monica Playhouse BFF Binge Fringe Festival of FREE Theatre! What’s On In-Person today

  • Starts:

    November 9, 2021, 7:30 pm

  • Ends:

    9:00 PM



Neighborhood: Downtown Santa Monica / Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica Playhouse - The Other Space
1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, California CA

Join us for the 6th Annual BFF Binge Fringe Festival of FREE Theatre, Oct 10 - Nov 9, the only FREE Fringe Festival in the nation, offering over two dozen plays and family-oriented events thanks to generous grants from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commission and Playhouse PALS. What’s on today?

In-person and live-streaming on Festival Tuesdays:

Tues, Oct 12: Tanya Thomas’s NATURAL TAN
7:30pm Rated 16+
Fueled by assimilation pains, Tanya delves into the heart of colorism that plagues the Asian diaspora, the complexities of racial identity, and the consequences of damaging beauty standards. Written & performed by Tanya Thomas. NATURALLY TAN adds a distinct voice to the full range and diversity of Asian American stories.

Tues, Oct 19: Catherine Barnes’ YES NO, MAYBE SO
7:30pm Rated: PG-13
After an unsettling doctor’s appointment, Catherine’s inner social justice warrior, Professor Sarah P. Outrage, takes Catherine on a hilarious musical tour of her own fraught relationship with boundaries. Written & performed by Catherine Barnes.

Tues, Oct 26: Luka Lyman’s ISLAND GIRL: A RESCUE MISSION
7:30pm Rated: 14 to adult
A personal and fantastical story about having and losing faith. Please join Luka for a post-show Q & A. Written & performed by Luka Lyman.

Tues, Nov 2: Bethany Vee’s I HAVE TOO MANY FEELINGS
7:30pm Rated: 18+
Bethany’s feelings may have dominated her existence from the beginning of time, but now she’s actually facing them! Her lively characters include her inner critic, Demon-Debby who along with others amuse us through many growing pains of bedwetting anxiety, LGBTQ+ matters, ADHD, depression and overall mental health, as well as sobriety. Hilarious and sincere, relatable and uplifting. Written & performed by Bethany Vee.

Tues, Nov 9: Tatum Langton’s REDEEMher
7:30pm Rated: PG-13
An autobiographical story of a modern Mormon wife who tries to redeem her eternal marriage from a sin next to murder. This 60-minute one-woman show explores the question: is the sin with a capital "A" redeemable? Experience the heartfelt journey as one woman battles between saving her marriage and saving her soul. Written & performed by Tatum Langton. This is the last night of BFF 2021 ENCORE – join us for a post-show reception in our lovely outdoor patio.

All BFF Festival Tuesday performances are directed & developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson.