Author event! Rob Schwartz with P.K. Daniel

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July 20, 2023, 6:00 pm to 7:00 PM
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Zibby's Bookshop
1113 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Author event! Rob Schwartz with P.K. Daniel

This event has expired. Please visit the Events Calendar for current listings.

Zibby’s Bookshop is hosting Rob Schwartz and P.K. Daniel for a discussion of THE WISDOM OF MORRIE!

Event format: 30 minute chat, followed by audience Q&A and book signing

About the book:
Who am I really? What have I done? What is important and meaningful to me? What difference does it make that I have lived? What does it mean to be truly human, and where am I on that scale?

Morrie Schwartz, the beloved subject of the classic, multimillion-copy number one bestseller Tuesdays with Morrie, explores these questions and many more in this profound, poetic, and poignant masterpiece of living and aging joyfully and creatively. Later life can be filled with many challenges, but it can also be one of the most beautiful and rewarding passages in anyone’s lifetime. Morrie draws on his experiences as a social psychologist, teacher, father, friend, and sage to offer us a road map to navigate our futures.

A great companion to Tuesdays with Morrie or the perfect introduction to Morrie’s thoughtful philosophies, The Wisdom of Morrie is filled with empathic insights, stories, anecdotes, and advice, told in Morrie’s reassuring, calm, and timeless voice. Let The Wisdom of Morrie be your guide in exploring deep questions of how to live and how to love.

About the speakers:
ROB SCHWARTZ (Waltham, Mass) is the Son and Editor of his late fathers’ new book on aging titled “The Wisdom of Morrie: Living and Aging Creatively and Joyously” (Blackstone Publishing, April 2023). He has many years of experience as a journalist, music/film producer, and entrepreneur. Rob has founded a number of companies, both in Japan and the US, and held executive positions in others. He’s produced numerous film and music projects with international teams. His areas of expertise include the entertainment industries in Asia, the US, and Europe. His projects often have a special emphasis on music, film, online business development, developing musical artists careers. In addition, he has been reporting for Billboard magazine on Asia since 2007. Rob is one of the producers of Onetopia, a benefit music festival slated for 2024. Rob has recently appeared on Good Morning America, Nightline, PBS NewsHour, NBC10 Boston, CBS Sacramento and in WebMD, Publisher’s Weekly, Reader’s Digest and more about this new book by his late father, Morrie Schwartz. Https://

P.K. DANIEL (Los Angeles, CA) is a Los Angeles Times Journalist, and veteran journalist based in Southern California. Her journalism journey includes a stint at the Los Angeles Daily News as a sports desk editor, followed by 15 years at the San Diego Union-Tribune as senior news editor and reporter, and contributions to Baseball America, SB Nation, CBS Sports Digital, Lower Extremity Review and Allergy & Asthma Today. Daniel’s work has also appeared in The Washington Post, Sport Magazine, Angels’ Halo Magazine, and Petersen’s Pro Baseball and College Football previews. She joined the Los Angeles Times sports desk in 2018, and continues to write on sports, health and sports-medicine topics

Author event! Rob Schwartz with P.K. Daniel