The new Santa Monica Official Visitors Guide and Official Visitors Map now available

Santa Monica Travel & Tourism (SMTT) is pleased to announce today the release of the 2016/2017 Santa Monica Official Visitors Guide and Official Visitors Map (click here to view digital versions) — free publications containing valuable information on what to see and do in California’s quintessential beach city. Produced annually, the comprehensive guide offers the latest information on area attractions, recreation, overnight accommodations, shopping, dining, cultural experiences and travel tips.

Features in the Official Visitors Guide include: how to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Route 66 with then and now activities, how to have the perfect day trip along the new Metro Expo Line, top spots for sunset photos, a profile on Santa Monica’s local brewery and more.

Furthering SMTT’s strategy on highlighting the diversity in Santa Monica’s eight neighborhoods, each district has their own profile, including reference maps, local tips and great places to eat, shop and play in both the guide and the map. The Official Visitors Map also includes tips on how to go car-free in Santa Monica, which has never been easier to do with the launch of the Metro Expo Line, Breeze Bike Share and optimized Big Blue Bus routes.

To request free copies of the Official Visitor Guide or Official Visitors Map for your business, email

Travelweek São Paulo is a success

Travelweek 2 Travelweek 3


On May 2-6, SMTT participated in Travelweek São Paulo, an event which connects Brazil and Latin America’s top travel agents with hand-picked suppliers and destinations from around the world. The Santa Monica team conducted 60 appointments during the event and hosted a pop-up juice bar to raise awareness for our city’s farm-to-table dining scene. Each of the fresh pressed juices was named after a Santa Monica neighborhood or landmark such as Montana Avenue, Main Street, Santa Monica Place and Santa Monica Pier.

Additionally, SMTT held a Santa Monica trivia contest for travel agents, and offered a California Nirve Bike as the prize. In order to enter the contest, agents had to post a photo of themselves in front of the bike and tag @seesantamonica on Instagram. The contest was a hit, generating over 110 posts on Instagram.

Irrigation and outdoor water conservation tips

Ready to think outside your building for savings opportunities? Irrigation and other outdoor water needs can account for anywhere from 5 to 30 percent of the water used by a typical commercial building. The following tips can save water, energy, and money beyond the walls of your facility:

  • Know Your Numbers: Look at your water bills to identify trends and spikes throughout the year. Install a submeter on your irrigation system and monitor it regularly. The ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® can help you track and monitor water bills and meter readings over time.
  • Right Plant, Right Place: Select regionally appropriate landscaping that works well with soil type, sun exposure, and wind at your site. Drought-tolerant and climate-appropriate plants require less water—and less time and cost to maintain!
  • Don’t Set It and Forget It: Adjust watering schedules with the seasons and consider installing a WaterSense labeled weather-based irrigation controller to take the guesswork out of scheduling. Check for broken or misdirected sprinklers watering the pavement or pooling water in the grass that could indicate oversaturated areas.
  • Be Prepared: Outdoor water use is often the first to be restricted during shortages. Identify areas to reduce irrigation in case of droughts and other water restrictions.

To learn more about water- and energy-saving best management practices, review the WaterSense at Work best practices guide.


How to Work with SMTT

Want to improve your tourism business? Santa Monica Travel & Tourism can assist to to increase your tourism revenues through a number of marketing, advertising (Official Visitor GuideOfficial Map and NEW digital options) public relations and sales opportunities.

For more information, please find contacts for each department below or visit Santa Monica Travel & Tourism’s Business Opportunities page.

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