Chef-Photo by Kristen Beinke

Santa Monica is renowned for its gourmet restaurants and organic ingredients found at the local farmers' markets. Try your hand at crafting an authentic meal designed by some of Santa Monica's top chefs.

Photo by Kristen Beinke

Santa Monica Recipe Cards

Take the flavors of your favorite Santa Monica Restaurants home to your kitchen with delectable recipes from some of the most acclaimed chefs in Santa Monica. Find fresh ingredients for each dish at the Santa Monica Farmers' Markets, including seasonal and year-round vegetables, fresh baked breads, cheeses and more.

Click each card for a downloadable PDF document. Or, visit Santa Monica on Pinterest for even more Santa Monica-inspired dishes.

Boa Recipe Card


Border Grill Recipe


Brick & Mortar Recipe


Fig Recipe Card


JiRaffe Recipe Card



La Sandia Recipe

Penthouse Recipe Card



Lobster Recipe Card


Whist Recipe 1

Whist Recipe 2



Zengo Recipe