Santa Monica Location

Santa Monica is on the western oceanfront edge of Los Angeles, just 16 miles from the heart of Downtown L.A., just 8 miles from Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport and close to other Southern California cities such as Hollywood and Beverly Hills.


Finding the Southern California City
of Santa Monica

Santa Monica offers more than its beach and its phenomenal weather. Its proximity to the greater Los Angeles area makes Santa Monica the perfect base for vacationers and business travelers alike. On its own, Santa Monica is a walkable 8.3 square miles (21.5 km²) -– a pedestrian-friendly beach city. Each of its eight districts offers a diverse mix of shopping, dining, entertainment, outdoor recreation and, thanks to its unmatched public transportation system, metropolitan convenience.

For travelers aiming to discover the rest of Los Angeles and the greater Southern California region, Santa Monica serves as a convenient hub for broader exploration. Located only eight miles (13 km) north of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and only 13 miles (21 km) from the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica provides easy access to neighboring areas and attractions. Santa Monica is also close to other hot Southern California cities such as Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

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