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Santa Monica’s Mayor Pam O’Connor kicked off National Tourism Week in Santa Monica on May 11, 2010 to help raise awareness and showcase the integral role the travel industry offers our community.

Santa Monica Mayor Pam O’Connor & SMCVB Travel Counselor Tessa Gogol - Photo by Fitz Carlile

Economic Value of Tourism in Santa Monica

visitor profile and economic impact studies

The Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau has been conducting visitor profile and economic impact studies since 1983. This research is meant to assess the economic value that tourism affords Santa Monica as a destination city.

Because so many Santa Monica jobs are supported by tourism, the more visitors exploring our city, the better. And with all that Santa Monica has to offer, it’s not surprising that international and domestic visitors keep on coming. Santa Monica tourism growth has achieved record setting numbers recently, and that's good for Santa Monica locals: thousands of our jobs and our schools, parks, libraries, police and fire are all supported by revenue from tourism.

Download a complimentary 2013 Economic Impacts of Tourism in Santa Monica Summary Report. A full report is also available for a cost of $350 upon request.

Tourism by the Numbers

  • 7.3 million visitors come to Santa Monica each year from outside of LA County.
  • 1.63 billion dollars is generated by tourism each year to our local economy.
  • 12,908 jobs are supported by tourism in Santa Monica.
  • 80% of hotel visitors do not use a car once they arrive in Santa Monica.

Tourism Taxes - How does the city benefit?

TOT (transient occupancy tax) from our hotels generated over $42 million to the City of Santa Monica's general fund in 2013. Without tourism dollars, each Santa Monica household would pay an additional $1,108 annually to have the services Santa Monica provides its residents.

What does TOT help fund?

  • Schools
  • City Services
  • Parks
  • Police and Fire

What is Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau?

  • Vision Statement: To ensure Santa Monica is recognized as the premier beach-city destination in the world.
  • Mission Statement: Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau works to increase visitor expenditures, tourism revenues and local employment through promotion of the area as a travel destination.
  • Non-profit organization established in 1983.
  • We market Santa Monica to potential visitors, both in US cities and international markets.
  • Non-member, funded by the City of Santa Monica general fund and the Tourism Marketing District assessment
  • Support and develop the destination brand and its strategy for Santa Monica.
  • We inform, educate and advise visitors and residents on all that the Santa Monica lifestyle offers.
  • Official tourism development agency for Santa Monica.
  • Governed by an 11-member Board of Directors made up of community, business and government leaders.


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