Get Involved

For those in the Santa Monica business community who are inspired to get involved in promoting and protecting the vital, precious assets of the Santa Monica brand, read on.

Nathaniel Trives - Former Mayor of Santa Monica

How to Get Involved

Santa Monica is blessed with strong and vibrant business and local communities that feel committed to the long-term success of Santa Monica. The key to nurturing Santa Monica’s continued success as a world-class destination is a unified commitment to the Santa Monica Brand. As an integrated Santa Monica community, we can make our city a stronger, more economically viable place in which to visit, live and work. Find out more information on the Santa Monica brand building program.

Destination Branding Program: The SMCVB has also designed a free education program, open to anyone interested in learning about customer service skills, cultural sensitivity and Santa Monica’s destination brand promise. The purpose of the program is to further the success of Santa Monica as a destination by assisting local businesses in the community to grow and develop while protecting the community’s vital assets and spirit: the reasons we all call Santa Monica “home.” Ask us how to enroll in the “I am Santa Monica” program.


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