Eat Well Week

January 11-17, 2016

Indulge guilt-free in 2016! Santa Monica restaurants have a delicious solution for your New Year’s resolution.

To celebrate California Restaurant Month in January, Eat Well Week promotes healthy eating through partnerships with Santa Monica’s top restaurants.

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How to Live Healthier in 2016!

Santa Monica’s beautiful scenery and near-perfect climate has attracted fitness gurus to its shores since the original Muscle Beach opened at the foot of the Santa Monica Pier in the early 1920s. Today, the city continues to thrive on an active, healthy lifestyle and remains an international leader at the forefront of healthy living.

Whether inspired by food, family, fitness or the outdoors, there are endless opportunities to embrace a healthier new year in the city by the sea.


  • SoulCycle: Transform your body in a 45-minute spinning class that will leave you mentally and physically stronger.
  • Pop Physique: The one-hour ballet barre-based class is fun, stylish, perfect for any body size and produces excellent results.
  • Hot8Yoga: Take yoga to the next level in a climate controlled room used to detoxify and heal your body as you stretch.
  • Aerial Physique: Channel your inner Cirque du Soleil performer in an aerial silk class guaranteed to give you strength and grace.
  • CrossFit Santa Monica: Perfect for those who enjoy a fast-paced workout for your entire body with functional movements designed to strengthen and enhance your body.


  • Santa Monica Beach: Take a run, paddle board, surf or bike. The beach provides endless opportunities to exercise with a view all year long.
  • Muscle Beach: A landmark for bodybuilding since the 1920s, Muscle Beach has outdoor workout equipment that can accommodate everyone. With chinning bars, parallel bars, rings and more there are endless opportunities to tone your physique.
  • Biking around town: Cycle along 22 miles of paved oceanfront pathway on the South Bay Bicycle Trail or tour the 8.3 square miles of bike-friendly streets throughout the city.
  • Hike the Santa Monica Mountains: The majority of the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains are free to access and offer incredible views of the mountains, canyons and coastline. Hiking is ideal for those who love to take in the breathtaking scenery while breaking a sweat.


  • Get your nutrition on track: Take a nutritional assessment at the Santa Monica Wellness Group to develop a wellness plan.
  • Start with fresh produce: Head to the Santa Monica Farmers Market and choose a variety of fresh and local produce to inspire your lifestyle.
  • Switch out your usual ingredients: Swap out some of your favorite ingredients for a healthy counterpart to update your meal. Try quinoa as a side instead of white rice to start.
  • Enhance your cooking skills: Learn how to cook a variety of meals and sharpen your skills at the Gourmandise School of Sweets & Savories.
  • Start your day with a fresh juice: Juices are packed with nutrients and are the perfect way to kick-start your metabolism and immune system in. Try Pressed Juicery, Nékter or Rejuice to reap the benefits.
  • Observe meatless Mondays: Give up meat for one day out of the week to ramp up your veggie intake and positively impact the environment. Some local restaurants that support this initiative are: Border Grill and Lago.


  • Shop together: Bring your kids to the market and have them pick out fruits and vegetables they are willing to try.
  • Start wrapping: Serve veggies in a new way that is a simple, nutritious and fun. Prepare the wraps yourself or have your children join in to make their own.
  • Plant a garden: Not only does this activity give you quality time with your children, it also teaches them about healthy eating and where food comes from. For inspiration, visit the Santa Monica Community Gardens on Main Street.
  • Make cooking fun: Have your children help cook dinner by stirring-in ingredients or picking herbs from the garden. Participation in the preparation of meals will teach them that eating and cooking healthy is fun.
  • Variety is key: Packing an assortment of homemade snacks will keep your kids healthy and happy. Think outside the box to make ingredients appetizing and amusing – try cutting cheese and fruit in fun shapes or make homemade chips to spice up their lunchbox.


  • Walk around the city: Walking immediately after a meal is said to reduce diabetes risks by lowering blood sugar levels. Try walking on the Santa Monica Beach, around the Downtown area or through Tongva Park to make the experience memorable.
  • Grab a cup of tea: Chamomile or peppermint tea after a meal supports digestive health and alleviates bloating. Pop into a café and grab a cup while strolling to reap the benefits.
  • Hydrate: Drinking water can aid weight loss and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Have a glass before, during or after dinner to start the hydration process.
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